Our Investment Philosophy

We believe markets are efficient.

Only a handful of active managers beat the market in any year. The problem is no one can predict which managers will win each year. Because of this, we focus on minimizing costs, and structuring each portfolio so that it is in alignment with each client’s risk tolerance, time horizon and values. Instead of trying to beat the markets, we focus on capturing market returns. While this doesn’t sound exciting, the fact is that $100,000 invested into a diversified portfolio 35 years ago grows to over $11,000,000—all without stock picking, market timing, or researching past winners. Investors already know that there are rules of investing—buy low sell high, diversify, and hold long-term. Unfortunately, the financial industry at-large consistently breaks all three of these rules. Then they wonder why they get poor performance! One of the main goals of our coaching program is help you adhere to the rules of investing…and reap the benefits.